Preparation for multi-use building complex construction is completed

AGBG sister company Addis Spare Parts Import and Distribution Share Company(ASPID) is ready to construct mixed use building in addis ababa on a 20,872 square meters located at the road from Kera to Gotera , infront of Moha Soft drink factory(Pepsi).

The project is estimated to cost Birr 14.1 billion including working capitalof Birr 94.1 million by the end of the project period to cover operating expenses for the first year of operation in year 8 but excluding Birr 2.8 billion interest on the bank loan accrued during the constructionperiod, which is capitalised to the cost of the building. The bulding complex includes Shopping Center wich covers from ground up to 4th floor with a total fllor area of 28,650 m2 , Apartments covers from 4th floor to 20th floor a tota of 12,576m2 area covering , Office Tower from 4th floor with a total floor area of 12,576m2, Entertainment and Wellness Center with in a total area covering 19,150m2 G+4.

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