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Bazen Farm

Crops are being harvested at Basin Agriculture Farm. The crops that are harvested are maize.

Chemicals Arrived!

our company imported Herbicide and Insecticide chemicals . types of the chemicals are:- Herbicide Wipe off (Glyphosate) No. Herbicide Name 1 Glyphosate (1Lt) 2 Glyphosate (5Lt) 3 Glyphosate (20Lt) 1.2 Aminal No. Herbicide Name 1 Aminal (1Lt)  2 Aminal (5Lt) 3 Aminal (20Lt) 1.3 Florid No. Herbicide Name 1 Florid  (5Lt) 1.4 Me-too-lachor No.   …

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Our Farming areas found in Gambella and Jimma are ready to begin farming. AS the farm manegers inform all employees of the farm are busy in work realated to farming.